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This is a picture of myself with the F.A. Cup taken in 1977 when I was still a young man. Do you like the tie? I found it at my mum's house the other day and I'm having it made into a new suit! In those never to be forgotten days I could run around a football field all day, sadly the only thing that runs nowadays is my nose!

This is a more recent picture. Don't think I've aged that much, do you? If you would like to know more about me please CLICK on my picture and I will reveal my most innermost secrets! To give you a clue, however, I am aged 'old fart' and work as a computer programmer. My interests? My three cats and Manchester United!

My wife, Cathy, takes a good picture, don't you think? This one was taken fairly recently when she got dressed up in her best frock to go to a formal dinner and dance. It's often occurred to me that she does, perhaps, overdo the make-up a little bit. Let me know what you think, would you!

This is Tom, our first lad. He arrived on our windowsill as a rather bedraggled mess in 1989. After some discussion it was agreed that, providing the vet could de-flea him, we would offer him a home. He never wanted for anything and lived like a king - or at least we hope he did. He passed away in 1996 after giving us seven years of joy.
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Sophie was our first baby. She came to live with us on Sunday the 21st of January 1990 and brought absolute joy into our lives from that day until the day she passed away.
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This is Bert our little lad. He's a fanatical Red and once had his picture in the ManchesterUnited magazine. This picture was actually taken on the morning of the F.A. Cup Final against Chelsea, played in 1994. Bert was so thrilled when we won the double. His favourite player? Who else could it be but........Eric Catona!

Eric was born on June the 16th 1996. When we got her the vet told us she was a boy so in honour of our favourite footballer and because she is red we named her 'Eric'. She is brilliant at football and creeping up on you when you've just got out of the shower!

Molly and George, twins born on the 4th of July 2003. They have filled the vacancy left by Sophie. Whilst she could never be replaced they have eased the hurt in our hearts ever so slightly. Molly and George