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I was born in the city of Manchester, in the county of Lancashire, in the country of England, in the United Kingdom (if that reminds of you of what you used to write in your stamp album then you are probably as old as me!), in May 1949. For those of you interested in astrology my birth sign is Gemini and I am typical of that particular sign (ie I am completely 'barmy')! My whole family are Mancunians and are very proud of that fact. The Hargreaves family has lived in Manchester since (at least) 1750, this date being the earliest that I have been able to trace back to. So you now know that one of my interests is Family History. My two main family names are (obviously) Hargreaves and Ritchie and whilst the Ritchie name sounds as though that side of my family are Scots, I cannot find any trace of my original Scottish ancestors.

My grandfather on my mother's side of the family (Ritchie) was like a second father to me and I spent a great deal of time with him when I was a boy. He was the person who developed my interest in cricket as he was a very keen follower of this sport. I was lucky enough to have someone to take me to Old Trafford cricket ground when I was young and I saw some marvelous players and teams during the 50's. I really was present at the 'Laker' test in 1956 and that memory immediately brings back my grandad. His footballing interest was Manchester City and for that reason I have a very soft spot for the 'Blues'. My father, though, made absolutely sure that I was not 'converted' to that particular club!

I grew up in the Moss Side district of Manchester and attended Wilbraham Primary School in Fallowfield, then I went on to Manchester Central Grammar School which was near to Belle Vue. Belle Vue was (it has long since gone) a massive 'theme park', years before theme parks were ever thought of. Sadly my school days were not successful as I was distracted by the events of the 60's. My only real concern those days wasn't when and how to do my school homework, but more how to convince my parents that I was staying at a friends house whilst actually going to one of the all-night clubs (discotheques).

So having failed miserably to obtain any qualifications I left school aged 16 and started work as a tea boy (messenger) in the Manchester offices of the Daily Mail. It was my intention, then, to become an 'ace reporter', specialising in sports journalism; it was never to be. After nine months of making tea and running errands for (some) less than courteous people I decided that the world of newspapers was going to lose my great potential and I applied to join the computing department of the local Electricity company.

Some thirty-odd years later I am still earning a crust in computing. During that longish period I have seen some enormous changes I can tell you. I guess that, with the exception of the actual development of commercial computers (which took place in the early 50's), I have lived through all of the computing 'revolutions'. For my part the only thing that I have learnt in the thirty-odd years is that I actually know nothing about computing! The subject changes so much every day that it is impossible for a man such as myself (with pretty limited grey matter!) to keep up with it all.

I am married (to Cathy) and whilst we have no human children we have four cats and they are, without doubt or sense of embarrassment, our children. My wife is a retired Headteacher and I think the thought of teaching little ones all day and then coming home to some more really meant that we would never be blessed with a family other, that is, than those of the 'furry' variety! We live in a village on the outskits of Crewe and are as happy as we have ever been. Cathy is developing her artistic talents (of which she has a great deal - see and I am growing old contentedly!

Since the day I was born my father has indoctrinated me with all things 'Red'. This means that the only real interest in my life is Manchester United. They are a football ('soccer' to our colonial friends) team situated, perhaps not surprisingly, in Manchester (Old Trafford). My father's father, who died in the 1930's, worked at the railway works in Newton Heath and it was from this place that Newton Heath Football Club was born. In 1902 Newton Heath became Manchester United and it has been so ever since. So you can see that my (family) association with Manchester United goes back a very long way.

So then, that's about it for me. A very simple, ordinary man. But a passionate man who loves life, people (cats ARE people) and, above all, Manchester United!!