The Hargreaves Arms Public Houses

We have now 'discovered' three Hargreaves Arms public houses close to where we live.Photographs and brief
notes of each pub can be found by clicking on the graphic. Pubs one and two are in the order we visited them
and the sequence does not suggest any sort of 'ranking'; both places are equally excellent. Both of the pubs
in Colne and Lumb offer bed and breakfast facilities as well as the most superb selection of food and drink.

On the day we visited the pub in Accrington it was a warm, sunny day, yet inside the pub was dark and most 'unwelcoming', for that reason we did not sample either the food or drink - you may draw your own conclusions
from my comments.
The Hargreaves Arms, Colne Visit Pub 1 Hargreaves Coat of Arms
The Hargreaves Arms, Lumb in Rossendale Visit Pub 2
The Hargreaves Arms, Accrington Visit Pub 3