The Hargreaves Arms, Lumb in Rossendale

The Hargreaves Arms,
910, Burnley Rd East
Lumb in Rossendale

Phone: +44 (0)1706-215523

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Front elevation of the Hargreaves Arms at Lumb-in-Rossendale. This is a warm and friendly pub with not only a really pleasant Landlord, but a ghost too! The Landlord told us that he has many records relating to the Hargreaves name and I think he could be source of much useful information. Whether the ghost would be as helpful remains to be seen - or not, as the case maybe!
Pub sign over the entrance. On a warm sunny day the floral display was a joy to behold. The lovely scent pervades the doorway and makes for the most dramatic of entrances.
The main pub sign showing a picture of Isaac Hargreaves. The landlord told us that this man owned the pub and quite a lot of the surrounding countryside. The upstairs room was used as a 'counting house' where all the monies received as rent from local tenants was tallied. Perhaps the ghost is still counting!
Another pub sign showing that they serve 'Real Ales', which we can confirm, and fine wines. What it doesn't say is that they also serve 'excellent food'. It most certainly should do - because they do. We had the most fantastic lunch there, at a very reasonable cost.
A view from the back of the pub towards the front door. The bar is to the left and, just out of shot, the lovely dining room is to the right. You will be able to see that this pub has two good sized rooms where one can get down to the serious business! Cathy was, once again, a most reluctant model.
Where the 'real business' of any pub takes place - the bar. It is well stocked and hosts enough beers and lagers to satisfy the most demanding of drinking person.
The dining room which is to the left and rear of the pub as you enter. This photograph does not really do proper justice to a very pleasant, airy room. The food served in this pub is absolutely first class and very good value too. Both Cathy and myself enjoyed the most splendid of lunches here on a warm sunny day.
Another view of the dining room, this time with a very impressive back projection. I must confess to feeling rather honoured to be eating lunch in a room bearing my name! That doesn't happen very often, does it?
The view from the front door. Quite late one evening the landlord was sitting just near this spot and saw somebody walk from left to right and go into the gents toilet. Sometime later he went into the toilet only to discover that the place was empty. The ghost had 'appeared'! Since that time several other sightings have occurred and mysterious events have happened.
This is the main lounge. It is what a 'proper' pub should look like.
On the way to this particular Hargreaves Arms we passed two streets named Hargreaves. It demonstrates how common the name is in this part of the world and, may I arrogantly suggest, what an impact the Hargreaves clan have had! In my home town, Manchester, there are 7 Hargreaves streets, in Oldham 3, Bolton 2, Preston 1, and Blackburn/Burnley area no less than 12!