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Alex Ferguson arrived at OT in 1986 and inherited a club which had won very little during the preceding 18 years. Things were to change! Alex realised that the main problem was the neglect of the junior sides and, along with Kiddo and Nobby, he started to put things right. The success that Alex has brought to Manchester United has been beyond my wildest dreams, long may it and him continue. (Click this picture for a story).

When the 'holy trinity' retired I said to my dad that it was unlikely that we would ever have another player of their stature. Not for the first time in my life I was completely wrong. The arrival of the Frenchman at OT, surprising just about everyone, has given us another Law (the showman), another Charlton (the sublime artist) and another Best (genius, simple as that!). I chose this particular photograph because, like Eric himself, it's just that little bit different!

Since Alex arrived the trophy cabinet has rarely been empty. The year 1995/96 gave us an embarrassment of riches, and here they all are. If we manage to bring one back again then I will be very content

The current squad photograph. What is immediately obvious is the fact that, just like the 50's, just like the Busby Babes, we have a squad containing predominantly youngsters. That fact pleases me more than anything else for it re-establishes the United principles, the Busby principles, and you can't do better than that.

On Wednesday the 26th of May 1999 dad and I finally 'saw it all'. We had seen Manchester United win the 'big one' - the European Cup - before (thirty-one years before), but this was different! This time in winning the European Cup, Manchester United became the first English team to win the 'Treble' and without doubt we could really claim to have seen it all.
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