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Old Trafford as I remember it when I started to go on a regular basis. The Stretford End was uncovered in the early years of my attendance. This ground had attendances well in excess of 60,000 every other week.
Old Trafford as it was after the major transformation during the early 80's and 90's. The ground is now covered all round and there are no pillars to spoil anybody's view! As the stadium developed, so did the team and fantastic success has been ours.
Old Trafford as it is right at the moment. Seating over 67,000 it really is a sight to behold. There is talk that the upper tier is to be extended right round the ground and when/if that does happen they can close Wembley for good. If you've ever been to Wembley you'll shed no tears at that thought!

Sir Matt Busby, the man who started it all. Until he arrived (in 1946) United were mediocre, at best. It was he would created the empire, he who rebuilt it all after Munich. He is pictured with his personal 'grail', The European Cup which was finally secured, after much, too much sacrifice, in May 1968.         (Click on the picture for a story.)

This is a team photograph of Manchester United just before the 1957 FA Cup Final. This team was nicknamed the 'Busby Babes' because of the young age of the majority of the players. In the middle of the front row is Roger Byrne, the captain; he was my absolute hero.

Roger Byrne, left-back and Captain. Wonderful player and great man. He was everything that a 'hero' should be, modest, thoughtful, patient, helpful, and understanding, particularly of young boys pestering him for his autograph. He was killed in the Munich crash and Manchester United, England and Peter Hargreaves were never really the same again.
Duncan Edwards was twenty-one years of age when he died. He had played for the England international team at eighteen, which was a phenomenal achievement. His nickname was 'the Tank' and anyone he tackled knew why. Those of us who lived through the agonising days after Munich really thought he would pull through, but obviously he was needed elsewhere.
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Tommy Taylor came to United from Barnsley for a then record fee. He was a big man who always seemed to have a smile on his face. As a young boy I would go to the training ground in the holidays and Tommy was always laughing and joking with all the boys. He really was a tremendous man, as well as a brilliant footballer.
This photograph was taken immediately before the match in Belgrade on Wednesday the 5th of February 1958 when a 3-3 draw was sufficient to see us through to the next round of the European Cup. This was to be the last game for eight of my heros, they died on the runway at Munich.